Mortgage News

2024-06-26 Canadian mortgage renewals will weigh on economic growth

2024-06-21 Canadians would trade pay for a pension as interest rates hit retirement dreams

2024-06-12 OSFI sees mortgage stress test imbalance at renewal but rules not changing yet

2024-06-05 Bank of Canada reduces policy rate by 25 basis points

2024-05-29 Residential mortgage debt hits $2.16 trillion amid slowest growth in 23 years: CMHC

2024-05-23 Inflation data all clear for Bank of Canada interest rate cut in June, economists say

2024-05-22 Why today's inflation numbers are good if you have a mortgage

2024-04-23 Equifax Canada testing use of rental payment data for credit scores

2024-04-11 Ottawa changing RRSP Home Buyers' Plan, some mortgage amortization rules

2024-04-10 April 10-2024 - Bank of Canada maintains policy rate, continues quantitative tightening

2024-04-08 Affording a home in Canada has never been tougher

2024-03-16 Did you co-sign your kid's mortgage? There are new tax reporting rules to know

2024-02-29 Mortgage payments rising? Here are some ways to cover them

2024-02-16 Canadians jump into variable mortgages, bet on short-term pain for long-term gain

2024-02-01 Only about a third of Canadians over 50 say they can afford to retire

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Real Estate News

2024-07-11 The results are in: June's rate cut didn't revive Canada's housing market

2024-07-09 Sellers are swarming Canada's housing market - especially in these cities

2024-07-05 Bank of Canada's June rate cut was like bringing a butter knife to a gunfight

2024-06-25 Canadian Real Estate Weakness Is Mostly Just Ontario & Nova Scotia

2024-06-20 One in four Canadian renters plans to buy a home despite financial hurdles

2024-06-11 Renter nation? Number of tenants in Canada hits unprecedented heights

2024-05-17 Would-be homebuyers are in limbo and only the Bank of Canada can free them

2024-05-15 Canadian home sales in April up 10% compared with year ago, but monthly sales slow

2024-05-10 Bank of Canada says nation's renters showing signs of financial strain

2024-04-16 Housing starts down 7% in March from February: CMHC

2024-03-15 February housing starts increased 14% from January: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp

2024-03-11 Canada's housing market recovery gets a reality check

2024-02-28 One in five Canadians looking at buying home with family amid high borrowing costs

2024-02-14 Housing market 'starting to turn a corner' as national sales jump in January

2024-02-08 Canada is underestimating the number of new homes needed, says CIBC

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Business & Finance News

2024-07-11 Canada's jobless rate seen topping 7% unless Bank of Canada cuts soon

2024-06-27 TD Bank says deep rate cuts will provide 'big tailwind' to Canada's economy

2024-05-29 More Canadians improving financial wellness as costs climb

2024-05-21 More Canadian businesses implementing 4-day workweeks, study says

2024-05-12 What's next for investors as central banks continue to hold rates

2024-05-09 Bank of Canada warns nation's renters showing signs of financial strain

2024-03-14 What’s the average rent in Canada?

2024-03-04 More than half of Canadians nearing retirement do not have enough.

2024-02-11 Canadian seniors staying in large houses well into their 80s, due in part to lack of optio

2023-12-27 Where is Canada's economy headed in 2024?

2023-12-06 Canada’s trade surplus grew more than expected in October

2023-11-21 Canada;s annual inflation rate eases more than expected in October on lower gas prices

2023-11-15 All the ways Canadians will get extra money from the government this holiday season

2023-11-08 How is passive income taxed in Canada?

2023-10-31 Record in number of immigrants leaving Canada in recent years, study says

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